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What is SeaDek?

Imagine a custom boat floor that transforms your time on the vessel and elevates your experience. A surface that feels comfortable and secure underfoot, even when drenched. A surface made from a material that protects your boat’s delicate surfaces while adding a touch of personalized style. That’s the magic of SeaDek custom boat flooring.

For decades, boaters have relied on traditional options like marine carpets or molded-in non-skid for their decks. However, these solutions often need to be revised. Carpets trap moisture, leading to mildew and odors. Molded-in surfaces can be uncomfortable and offer inconsistent traction.

SeaDek breaks the mold (pun intended) by offering a superior alternative. Made from a closed-cell PE/EVA foam, SeaDek boasts a unique combination of properties that elevate your boating experience:

Unmatched Traction, Wet or Dry: Unlike traditional non-skid surfaces that can become slick when wet, SeaDek's brushed texture provides exceptional grip in all conditions. No more white-knuckled moments navigating rough waters or slippery decks after a refreshing swim.

Science Meets Comfort: The closed-cell foam construction isn't just about keeping water out; it's also designed for comfort. SeaDek offers a soft yet supportive feel underfoot, reducing fatigue during long days on the water. Whether you're standing at the helm or lounging on the deck, SeaDek provides a welcome respite.

Protecting Your Boat, Naturally: Beyond comfort and safety, SeaDek acts as a protective barrier for your boat. The resilient foam absorbs shock, minimizing damage from dropped fishing gear or energetic passengers. Its non-abrasive surface also helps prevent scratches and dents on your boat's delicate fiberglass or gel coat finish.

Easy Maintenance, Lasting Beauty: SeaDek isn't just built to last; it's also designed for effortless upkeep. The closed-cell foam construction prevents water absorption, eliminating the breeding ground for mold and mildew. Regular cleaning with soap and water is all it takes to keep your SeaDek flooring looking fresh and vibrant.

A Touch of Personal Style: SeaDek isn't just about function; it's about adding a touch of personality to your boat. With a wide variety of colors and design options to choose from, you can customize your SeaDek flooring to match your boat's aesthetics perfectly.

SeaDek Applications

The versatility of SeaDek extends beyond its impressive material properties. This innovative flooring solution can be customized to fit virtually any area of your boat, maximizing both functionality and aesthetics. Here are some popular SeaDek applications:

Swim Platforms: Ensure a safe and comfortable transition from the water to your boat.

Cockpit and Bow Areas: Create a slip-resistant and comfortable space for passengers to move around freely.

Steps, Gunwales, and Head Areas: Add a secure footing in high-traffic areas.

Flooring Throughout: Transform your entire boat's interior into a luxurious and functional space.

Are you looking to make your boat more comfortable, safe, and stylish? Consider upgrading to SeaDek custom flooring. Our team would be happy to discuss how we can help you take your boat to the next level.

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